Pomegranate Masala Tea | Anar Masala Chai | Fresh Fruit Tea Recipe

Making fruit tea at home is incredibly simple. In fact, the popularity of fruit tea has caused tons of great infusing products to be placed on the market. By using fruit, the beverage is still kept healthy and in some ways, may even gain additional health benefits depending on what ingredients are used to flavor the tea.

Pomegranate Masala Tea

The red rich fruit is known to be one of the healthiest for a reason. It is called as a divine fruit because it is the most mentioned fruit in theological books. Pomegranate has antioxidant, anti-viral and anti-tumor properties and is said to be a good source of vitamins, especially vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, as well as folic acid.

Anar Masala Chai

The seeds and the sweet covering surrounding them — called arils — are the edible parts of the pomegranate fruit. Pomegranate tea is made with crushed pomegranate seeds, dried pomegranate flowers, or by adding pomegranate juice concentrate to tea. I used fresh pomegranate arils blend with tea masala. It taste delicious and make this tea, and let me know how it turns out :).

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Ingredients : (For 2 cups)
Water – 2 & 1/2 cups
Pomegranate arils – 1/2 cup
Tea or chai masala – 1/4 tsp

Fresh Fruit Tea Recipe

Method :

  1. Heat water in a pan and add chai masala. Let it boil.
  2. Add pomegranate arils and crush with a potato masher. Let it boil for 8 minutes on medium heat.
  3. Then filter tea and enjoy. Fresh fruit tea.
Healthy Tea
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