Tuesday Tip| How to Cut and Deseed a Pomegranate ?

Tuesday Tip| How to Cut and Deseed a Pomegranate ?

Who else loves pomegranates? Well, I do 🙂 As soon as these vibrant, ruby red fruits appear at the grocery store I start eating them like crazy. I love their sweet/tart flavor and their juicy, bursty texture. I sprinkle the seeds over desserts, salads, and even dips, while Manoj (My Husband) eats them in a bowl as a snack.

Pomegranate Seeds

Easy tip how to cut a pomegranate and de-seed it, with no mess or wasted seeds. If you’ve ever wondered how to open a pomegranate, this tip is for you. 🙂 Over the years we’ve experimented with how to eat a pomegranate pretty much every way possible. The challenge is to how to open and de-seed them.


You will need :

One bowl water
Chopping board
Wooden spatula
One Pomegranate

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How to Cut a Pomegranate ?

First, use a sharp knife to cut off the top of the pomegranate. About 1/4 inch being careful not to go past the skin of the pomegranate.

Remove the top.

Use your knife to make thin slits along those ridges. You should be cutting along the fruit’s white pith, not slicing open any of the arils. Repeat this cut around the pomegranate until you have five or six cuts that divide the pomegranate into wedges.

After you make the cuts. Using your hands, grip the pomegranate with your thumbs at the top cut end. Applying pressure, rip the pomegranate apart.

Now fill a bowl with water and turn peeled pomegranate segment downwards. Place the pomegranate, cut side down, in your non-dominant hand with your fingers spread apart.

Take a wooden spatula and begin to whack firmly on the top surface of the pom. Continue to firmly tap (or WHACK) all over the top of the pomegranate until all seeds have fallen out. You can turn the pom over at any point to see if there are areas where the seeds seem to be “sticking”. If so, focus your whacking on those areas until all seeds are in the bowl.

Using a spoon, remove the pith from the large bowl. Drain the water from the pomegranate with a strainer.

You can store pomegranate seeds in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to five days. You can also freeze the pomegranate seeds by laying them in a single layer on a baking sheet for two hours, then moving the seeds to a freezer bag. Pomegranate seeds will keep in the freezer for months.

Tip – Be sure to clean up any pomegranate juice splatter immediately to prevent red juice stains.

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