Quinoa Puffs & Seeds Laddu | Recipe With Quinoa Puffs | No Sugar No Jaggery No Ghee

Quinoa is very popular these days. More people are consuming quinoa because its a very healthy seed. Yes, a seed and not a grain. I love quinoa and cook it often.

Quinoa Puffs & Seeds Laddu
  • Quinoa Laddu is a healthy and sweet treat that is not only delicious but also nutritious to consume.
  • Quinoa is highly consumed by people especially those who are health conscious or are trying to get fit.
  • These laddus are made from Quinoa and dates, are extremely soft and chewy.
  • They do not contain added sugar or jaggery. The sweetness is derived from dates and raisins.
Recipe With Quinoa Puffs

Despite being small in size, seeds are known to be super-nutritious. They are known to be a powerhouse of nutrients and can be consumed daily for a myriad list of health benefits. With an ample amount of fibre, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants present in them, seeds are known to be extremely versatile and can be incorporated any way in any dish. With growing awareness, several people are opting to consume these seeds for better health. They can help you lose weight while providing you with enough energy for the whole day.

Healthy Seeds

Seeds contain all the starting materials necessary to develop into complex plants. Because of this, they are extremely nutritious. Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also contain healthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and many important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. When consumed as part of a healthy diet, seeds can help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure.

Quinoa Puffs

I often make and stock these kinds of healthy ladoos at home to snack in between meals. What I loved is the addition of fennel seeds. Fennel seeds are a storehouse of various nutrients, with low calories and high in different micro and macronutrients.

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Quinoa puffs – 1 cup
Coconut flakes – 1/4 cup
Sunflower seeds – 1/4 cup
Pumpkin seeds – 1/4 cup
Dried red cranberries – 1/4 cup
Pecans – 1/4 cup
Chopped figs – 3
Chopped dates – 16
Golden raisins – 1/4 cup
Dried apricot – 6 pieces
Fennel seeds – 1 tbsp

Method :

  1. Dry roast pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Roast them on low heat for 2-3 minutes. Keep it aside.
  2. Heat a pan and add coconut flakes. Roast till crispy on low heat. Transfer them into separate bowl.
  3. Add chopped dates, figs, pecans with raisins and cook for 3-4 minutes till they starts caramelised. Keep it aside.
  4. Combine roasted seeds, coconut flakes, dates, figs, pecans with raisins in a bowl. Add fennel seeds with dried apricot, red cranberries and quinoa puffs.
  5. Then transfer all mixture into a food processor. Grind them into a coarse mixture.
  6. Transfer coarse mixture into a bowl. Make small/medium laddus.
  7. Store them in an airtight container. Serve as needed.
Healthy Munching Laddu
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