Thirsty Thursday | Creamy Avocado Banana Smoothie | Yogurt Based Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie | Four Ingredients Smoothie

This creamy avocado banana smoothie is one of the best ideas for a busy morning. Just need four ingredients and within five minutes creamy smoothie is ready. It has a very unique creaminess that comes from the avocado without that strong avocado flavor. It is full of nutrients and is so so filling.

Creamy Avocado Banana Smoothie

I love avocados so much I will eat them with anything – saladchutney or any smoothiesandwich. Avocados provide a uniquely silky texture to smoothies without an overbearing taste. They are like a magic ingredient that will completely transform your smoothie game.

Greek yogurt is one of my favorite healthy ingredients. Adding Greek yogurt to smoothies, or substituting it in the place of milk, ice cream and even regular yogurt creates a rich and creamy consistency that satisfies without the extra sugar, saturated fat, and additives.

Greek Yoghurt

Creamy Avocado Banana Smoothie | Yogurt Based Smoothie | Breakfast Smoothie | Four Ingredients Smoothie

The bananas add a ton of flavor, it’s a great fruit to include in your diet. They contain a ton of nutrients such as vitamin B, vitamin C, magnesium, and much more. I used a frozen banana in this smoothie. Adding frozen bananas to smoothies rather than room temperature bananas makes them richer and creamier.

Yogurt Based Smoothie

Putting nuts in smoothies is a delicious way to add fiber, protein, and healthy fats. A handful of pistachios contains much of the daily recommended vitamins and nutrients, like vitamin E, and those energy-rich B vitamins. 

Breakfast Smoothie

Frozen banana (the riper the sweeter) – 2
Avocado – 2
Greek Yogurt – 1 cup
Chopped pistachios – 2 tbsp

Four Ingredients Smoothie


  1. Mix all ingredients and blend until smooth.
  2. Garnish with chopped pistachios.
Super Healthy Smoothie

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