Be Creative | Hot Stone Craft | Melted Crayons On Rock | Fun activity for Kids

Looking for a fun-filled indoor activity, try painting some rocks with crayons. These hot rock art ideas will get everyone thinking of new and more unusual ways to create.

To make hot rock art, heat the stones then color on them with crayons and watch the color melt on the rock.

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When it cools you are left with a smooth and colorful rock to use as a paperweight or just for decoration or a lovely gift to any family friend or relative.

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Hot Stone Craft | Melted Crayons On Rock | Fun activity for Kids

Find rocks that were smooth and large enough that they could be used as a paperweight.

Give the rocks a quick wash and lay them on a kitchen towel for 5 minutes.

Now lay clean rocks on a baking tray for 15 minutes at 200 C (line the tray with foil to prevent scratching).

While rocks are baking, spread all crayons on a big tray and peel the paper wrappers from each crayon.

Carefully remove the baked rocks using an oven mitt and place onto cardboard to protect your work surface. Once the rocks were hot, transferred them one or two at a time, leaving the rest in the oven. Take wooden skewers to hold hot rock while working.

Now gather broken or old crayons and color on the rocks. Pressing down will melt the wax and it will drip down the sides. 

Continue layering and mixing crayon colors until your rock is covered. Let it cool until the crayon has hardened leaving a smooth shiny finish, this can take a couple of hours.  


My son loved making these, and so did I. Feeling the crayon melt on a hot rock is so satisfying. This is a project you will want to add to your craft list.

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