Kiwi Salad Dressing | Vitamin- C Rich Dressing | Fruit Based Dressing | No Sugar Salad Dressing

A good salad dressing is a magic touch that you need to give life to a favorite salad. The right dressing will make eating veggies exciting even for the most choosy eaters like my son, Reyansh. Making salad dressing at home is super easy and enables you to control ingredients. Better than store-bought dressings as they contain excess sugar, excess salt, artificial flavors, and coloring.

Kiwi Salad Dressing

Zespri Kiwifruit can deliver a delightful dip of vibrant zest to the salad dressing. This fresh Kiwi Salad Dressing, easy to make with no added sugar of any kind, is a sweet, tangy perfect for topping your favorite salad. Made with few ingredients and is super easy to make.

Vitamin- C Rich Dressing

Also, Kiwi is filled with vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber – all nutrients your body needs. The bonus here is that this recipe requires no added sugar in any form. No white sugar, no honey, no maple syrup. Kiwi is plenty sweet on its own. I used both green and yellow kiwi. It’s a little tangy from the Kiwi fruit, but the lovely sweetness of the orange juice balances it out perfectly.

Green Kiwi & Yellow Kiwi

The beauty of Kiwi fruit — besides its richness in flavor and vitality — is that it’s extremely versatile. It can be used as a snack to deliver more than a day’s worth of vitamin C in just a few quick bites. It makes absolutely delicious chutneysmoothie, and frozen treats.

Orange Kiwi Salad Dressing

Kiwi Salad Dressing | Vitamin – C Rich Dressing | Fruit Based Dressing | No Sugar Salad Dressing

This “bright green ” salad dressing is a new way to enjoy a kiwi fruit is to make delicious and super easy salad dressing with few ingredients at home.

Ingredients :

Kiwi – 4
Orange juice – 1/4 cup
Red chilli flakes – 1/2 tsp
Garlic ( Grated ) – 1
Juice of one lemon
Crushed black pepper – 1/2 tsp
Salt to taste or pink salt

No Sugar Salad Dressing

Method :

  1. Scoop out the kiwi flesh and grate or mash them with a masher. Don’t grind kiwi in the blender else kiwi seeds will grind along with the pulp.
  2. Now mix all other ingredients with kiwi pulp. Enjoy healthy no sugar dressing with your favorite salad.
Healthy Salad Dressing
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