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A bowl of warming soup is the best comfort food on a cold day. Pumpkin, and tomato combine to make a healthy and colorful soup, which I especially enjoy during the fall. What I love about this soup is that it’s a breeze to throw together and has a velvety texture without the need for heavy cream.

Pumpkin Tomato Soup

Pumpkin is loaded with vitamin A, which is thought to be great for eye health, the antioxidant beta carotene, which may help to prevent cancer, and potassium, to help with muscle recovery after a workout. Paired with tomatoes, which are a great source of vitamin C, iron, and lycopene, which might reduce your risk for heart disease, this soup is a healthy addition to any meal.

Autumn Soup Bowl

As an added bonus, you can always use any leftovers as a dip or pasta sauce. This is exactly the type of recipe I’m going for this fall. I just love feeling cozy and warm, and this creamy pumpkin tomato soup fits that vibe. What I also love about the recipe is that it’s perfect for that late summer to early fall transition, and utilizes a summer staple like tomatoes in a way that’s still cozy for chilly fall nights. 

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Pumpkin – 300 gms (deseeded, peeled and cubed)
Roughly chopped tomato – 1
Water – 2 cups
Sliced white onion – 1
Sliced garlic – 2
Olive oil – 1 tbsp
One bay leaf
One green chilli chopped
Few black pepper
Himalayan pink salt to taste
Greek yogurt or cream & roasted pumpkin seeds for garnishing

Method :

  1. Heat olive oil in a pressure cooker and add sliced onions. Cook till translucent.
  2. Then add sliced garlic, bay leaf and black pepper. Saute for 4 minutes.
  3. Add pumpkin and saute for 4 minutes. Then add chopped tomato, green chilli and salt to taste.
  4. Mix well and saute for 3 minutes on medium high heat.
  5. Add 2 cups of water and pressure cook for 1 whistle.
  6. Allow to cool down the pressure cooker completely. Sieve through water from veggies.
  7. Take the pressure cooked vegetables into a blender and blend to smooth paste.
  8. Transfer puree soup and sieved boil water in a same pressure cooker allow to boil till thickens (approx 8 minutes).
  9. Pour the prepared pumpkin soup into bowl and garnish with roasted pumpkin seeds with a tbsp of cream. alternatively use greek yogurt if you are diet conscious.
Veggies Soup
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